Wedding planning tips for same-sex couples


Here are a a few must know tips that we’ve gathered from wedding planners and couples that have been a part of same sex weddings.


If you are one of a same sex couples, this means that you do not have any gendered roles. You have the flexibility to explore and reinvent the traditional wedding timeline. You need not stick to the conventional must haves of the ceremony line-up, and can plan the ceremony on the lines of what it means to you personally.


When it comes to choosing the wedding party you can get creative and mix things up. You could have a small crew of bridesmaids or groomsmen or simply not have anyone at all to keep all the attention on you and your partner. It is necessary that you have to select a maid of honour if you are a woman or a best man if you are a guy. Alternatively, you could have a man of honour or even a best woman.

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Creative Wedding Cakes


Each cake is unique to each bride, the start of it all is what inspires you for the design and the flavors that go with it. Cakes have never lost its trend although over the years brides did experiment with pie’s, cookies and icecream, it is cake this still stands tall as the centerpiece at most receptions. It is an excellent way to make a statement all limited upto your imagination.

Experimenting with various colors other than the traditional white, is the first step of the process. You can also incorporate things that you love and are part of your everyday life is another step you can take. Many brides also incorporate their dress patterns on to the cake designs as well.

Here are a few designs to get you started

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Planning a destination wedding in Asia: Location – Goa


Goa, situated along India’s west coast, is a tropical state known for its beaches, lovely weather and great nightlife. With warm weather throughout the year except for the months of June till September, Goa makes a great place holiday destination and provides the perfect backdrop for a romantic destination wedding.

Planning a destination wedding here isn’t as expensive as you may think it would be. Goa is divided into the northern and southern coast and there are plenty of locations to choose from, right from accommodations to reception venues.

The first step would be to select a good wedding planner that specialises in destination weddings. You could check out a Goan team, WW Events & Co. for more details on planners that cater to clients visiting from abroad. Many Europeans opt to celebrate their weddings in Goa as cost is not a huge factor. Everything from venues to vendors and food to alcohol is very reasonably priced here. And let’s not forget that the umpteen venues by the beach are simply breathtaking. Continue reading

We caught up with make-up artist Rachel Nichols from Nicols beauty, and here’s what she had to say.


Tell us about your business?

I specialise in make-up and skincare, and have been a licensed aesthetician since 2003. I’ve always wanted to have my own setup so I began my own business back in 2010 and I have been loving every moment of it ever since.

What made you choose the make-up and skincare industry?

Aside from my career as a part-time freelance artist for a popular talent agency in Kent, I quickly realised that the more I knew about it the more I wanted to learn about skincare. It is a diverse field and I was excited to experiment and learn. There is no better feeling than enhancing the natural beauty of people and putting a smile on their face.

What do you like most about your job?

Over the years, I have been a part of several bridal make-up at weddings and the joy associated with seeing the beautiful bride look best is definitely what I like most about my job.

What is unique about the services you offer? And why?

I’ve had pretty good responses from clients that have done my facials for acne-prone skin. Acne can be quite stressful for people, and I’m glad that I can professionally help control and reduce it for them.

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Top six pointers starting a wedding planning business

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It’s a great time to be in an industry that has been fast-growing over the years and the need for professional wedding planners has always been in demand. If you’re gifted with the skills of being organised, self driven, creative and have people skills, this could be the one industry that could be the perfect fit for you.

Here are a few pointers if you plan to start a business of your own in the field of wedding planning and event management.

  1. The cost of starting up

Setting up a wedding planning agency does not involve a huge initial investment. If you plan to work independently, you may not even require an office space and you can work from a makeshift space in your own home. This is a huge bonus as you can spend more towards marketing, branding and networking to spread the word about your business and start getting clients. Tell your lawyer to draw up the basic legal paperwork that will protect you from liabilities and also contracts that you would need to use with your clients before they sign you up.

  1. Setting up business goals

According to BLS in 2010, the median pay that wedding planners have reached was $45,260. Being your own boss you’d have to set out goals but you can track and improve. In the initial phases you will have to meet with several local vendors and also network with your immediate circle of friends and family informing them on how you can assist brides in planning their weddings. It is also critical that you are ahead of industry trends, pricing, styles and fashions. This involves plenty of research and constant study.

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Tips for grooms writing their vows

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For most men, writing their vows without falling into cliches can be a daunting task. It is undoubtedly the perfect way of expressing to your bride how you feel about her on the big day. Easier said than done, as it takes a lot of creativity and thought if you want to put your own story in a way that surprises your guests. Also keep in mind that the vow part of the ceremony is going to be a moment that you will never forget.

So here are a few writing tips that will help you nail your wedding vows.


  1. Get your fiancé involved in the planning

Before you start putting pen to paper, speak to your fiancé on the direction you wish to take and get her opinion on it. Being on the same page would mean that you both share the same head space in your approach. Also take note to check with your church and the pastor whether it is comfortable with the religion.

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Asking vendors the right questions before you hire them


You have been planning a wedding for months and attention to detail to get everything perfect would mean that you would need to have an efficient crew who will help make your day a memorable one for you and for everyone attending. From the catering, to the photography, from the video to the entertainment, what you need are experts that you can trust to pull off a good job. There are so many options of professionals available and finding the right one could prove a bit tricky.

Here are a few tips and questions that you can ask the pros to ensure that you are making a choice that you prefer.

Check your spending budget

Spending on vendor’s would be nearly 40 to 50% of your budget planning, so start by setting up a priority list of vendors that you are flexible in paying more, as compared to those that you are willing to compromise. Most brides feel the need to hire the right photographer and don’t mind exceeding their spending on the right person which could then be set-off against the musicians or the DJ. Vendors offer various packages as services and doing some amount of research before you meet the person concerned would give you a better idea of whether you can make do with some of what they have to offer.

Being certain of what you want

Discuss choices with your fiance or your family before you set out to meet a vendor. This way you can be certain on what your plan for the entire location is, whether you will require a similar caterer for the wedding day and also the rehearsal dinner or whether you need a photographer to cover the engagement, the save the date shoot and also the wedding day? Pricing will vary accordingly and therefore the vendor would be in a much better position at providing you cost that is based on your requirements.

Researching your vendors

A good place to begin is by gathering references from relatives and friends on any experiences they had with a particular vendor. You can also view their presence on social media platforms to get an idea of how people have reviewed them. Visit official websites and take a look at their portfolio of past work and experiences. There is nothing better than hearing what the vendor’s previous clients have had to say of his work.

Reach them over the phone

Once you are done with your research, you will need to trim down your list to the vendors that you plan on meeting in person. Make a note of the competition you had and who in your opinion was somebody that was able to match your expectations and understand your vision and ideas.

Fix a meeting

After you have had a phone conversation with them, it’s time to meet the vendor in-person. Ensure that you carry plenty of reference material on the ideas that you have for your big day. Ask the vendor whether he has previously worked with the reception and ceremony venue and get a glimpse of the work that was executed there.

Hire someone that gets you

After the personal meeting, you’ll get a fair idea of whether the person is someone you are comfortable working with or not. Keep in mind that the vendor should also be willing to execute your vision rather than only discuss it with you.

Vintage Cakes Inspiration


Some of the most creative wedding cakes styles trending this season based on the vintage theme. Over the last few years ‘vintage’ styles and designs have made a comeback, drawing modern inspiration from the sixties and seventies. Today’s wedding cakes are stacked in layers as compared to the cakes back in the day when brides preferred to rest each layer on connected columns for extra height. Floral designs are still a fauvoirte of many brides today, which is inspired from that era. The use of lace is yet another design element for the sixties still used even today.


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Hidden costs you might come across when booking your venue


Every bride has a vision of what her perfect wedding will look like. But whether you choose to have it by the beach, or at a gorgeous vineyard or even at a beautiful old mansion with rolling gardens, there are plenty of costs that you need to be aware of before you put down your money and reserve the place. Don’t be in a hurry to book a venue, not unless you have a clear idea on what you may have to shell out. After all, it’s always better to have a ballpark figure before you make a commitment rather than foot unexpected bills later.

Take the vineyard for example. They make great locations for reputable weddings, did you know that you would need citronella candles (and plenty of them) if you want to keep the bugs at bay. Barns also make great backdrops for simple, rustic and laid-back weddings. And while there may be plenty of bales around, you will need to ensure that they are well-kept for your guests to be comfortable with the venue.

Now these are costs that you may/may not have to directly pay the vendor, but they are related costs nonetheless. Keeping that in mind, we’ve put together a comprehensive guide so as to help you make an informed decision before finalising the venue.

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Essential Cake Making Supplies


They say that baking is a science, if you are just about getting started trying your hand out in dishing out delicious home-made cakes, it is not only the science that you need to be knowledgeable about, but also the bare essentials tools of the trade. We have put together a list of the best cake decorating supplies that you can gather to create your masterpieces at home.

Cupcake Nozells and Piping Bag Starter Set From Little Venice

for creating those artistic looking swirls for decorations on your cakes and cupcakes, this set has six large sized nozzles along with four disposable bags to get you started.

Ice Color Set from Wilton

this set of eight colouring pastes works well for creating the right texture and tone avoiding pigmentation and bringing out strong colours.

Turntable for decoration

A turntable will effortlessly allow you to work your way around the cake to give it a good finish. This turntable also has a convenient lock to hold the taking place and also a rubber rim to keep the layers uptight.

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